You Can Lead a Politician to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Think: Ten Commandments for Texas Politics

Simon & Schuster - In this hilarious, thought-provoking manifesto, logic, Kinky lays forth his ten commandments for improving the state of Texas and politics everywhere, and for restoring order, decency, and above all a sense of humor back to this country. Getting on the ballot as an independent -- a feat that had not been achieved in over a century -- was a victory in itself.

And kinky said unto the people: why the hell not? So the good people of Texas weren't able to get the Kinkster into the Governor's Mansion in 2006. It was a solid race, and he fought the good fight. It's classic Kinky in a brand new way. The hucksters, the wealthy, and the twofaced rule; there is no room for Truth, and the little guys are quickly forgotten in all the muck.

You Can Lead a Politician to Water, But You Can't Make Him Think: Ten Commandments for Texas Politics - But kinky, is still looking out for his fellow Americans, briefly down yet certainly not out, and he has much wisdom to impart. And he might just have a point. If that 2006 election was any indication -- and it was -- the political landscape in both Texas and the country at large needs a significant overhaul.

And with ideas like "slots for tots" legalized gambling to pay for education, the five Mexican generals plan bribes to enforce border protection, and a firm stand against the "wussification" of the state, he would have done a helluva job.

How Texas Politics Really Works

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - This book exposes exactly how democratic and Republican party leaders, in the past and the present, have ridden herd over the people of Texas in their desire to do the bidding of the rich and powerful. Finally, a texas truth-telling tale about Lone Star State politics by three authors with over 100 combined years of experience as Austin insiders and outsiders.

. How texas politics really Works" is an uncommon introduction to a subject that is shrouded in economic and governmental myths. Knowledge is where it starts, and this book is a long hard look at the reality of Texas politics. The authors believe that the masses, who have historically received the short end of the rope from elites, can come together to change the state power dynamic through peaceful political action.

The Making of a Civil Rights Leader: Jose Angel Gutierrez Hispanic Civil Rights Paperback

Arte Publico Press - Along the way, gutierrez earned college and law degrees, as well as a Ph. D. He was elected or appointed to school boards, commissions, judgeships and party chairmanships, all with the single-minded purpose of extending equality to Mexican Americans and other minorities in the United States. In political Science.

Despite the limits of segregation and rural culture in Texas, as well as to undo injustice, the passion to learn and to educate others, burned in his belly from an early age. Born in 1944, jose angel gutierrez grew up in a time when Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Texas and the Southwest attended separate schools and avoided public facilities and restaurants that were designated Whites Only.

Through his tireless efforts, he crossed paths with African American and Native American civil rights leaders, Mexican presidents, and other international figures. Gutierrez offers portraits of his early influences, and to his mother's courage and persistence, from his father's own pursuit of knowledge and political involvement, to his Mexican pre-school teacher's interest in bilingual-bicultural education which did not exist in public schools at that time, taking up migrant field work to provide for her family after the death of young Gutierrez's father.

The Making of a Civil Rights Leader: Jose Angel Gutierrez Hispanic Civil Rights Paperback - In this intensely narrated memoir, gutierrez details his rise from being beaten down by racist political and agricultural interests in South Texas to his leadership role in the Chicano civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Complemented by photos from his personal archives, his early baptism in grass-roots political organizing, and his success in creating one of history's most successful third party movements, Gutierrez recalls his struggle for education, La Raza Unida Party.

'Scuse Me While I Whip This Out: Reflections on Country Singers, Presidents, and Other Troublemakers

William Morrow - In this collection of twisted takes on life, and insightful looks at outsized personalities, irreverent, the Kinkster gives us funny, from people he's known -- Bill Clinton and George W. With his meditations on subjects ranging from sleeping at the white House to marriage, cigars, fishing in Borneo, and the tribulations of possessing talent, country music, his pets, Kinky doesn't deny us the "flashes of brilliance and laugh-out-loud observations"* that are present in all his other work.

Hilarious and irreverent, and passionately twisted, 'Scuse Me While I Whip This Out reads as if it were written by a slightly ill modern-day Mark Twain. Rocky mountain News Denver. Kinky friedman is back with 'scuse Me While I Whip This Out, and gets it on with all manner of egos. To willie nelson and bob dylan, not to mention joseph Heller and Don Imus -- to people he's known in spirit -- Moses, Jack Ruby, Jesus, and Hank Williams.

Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation

Bold Type Books - Although americans live in the richest country on earth, many citizens exist on the brink of poverty, and from that profound economic inequality stems self-destructive behavior. In twelve steps to political Revelation, Mosley outlines a guide to recovery from oppression. Next we must actively work together to create a just, more holistic society.

First we must identify the problems that surround us. Used book in Good Condition. In his late teens and early twenties, Walter Mosley was addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. And finally, power must be returned to the embrace of the people. Challenging and original, Recovery confronts both self-understanding and how we define ourselves in relation to others.

Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation - Drawing from this intimate knowledge of addiction and recovery, Mosley explores the deviances of contemporary America and describes a society in thrall to its own consumption.

Why States Matter

Rl - Used book in Good Condition. Why states matter introduces students to the very tangible and constantly evolving implications, and accessibly explains the ways that the political powers of the states manifest themselves in the cultures, limitations, and foundations of America's state political institutions, economies, and lives of everyday Americans, and always will.

Rowman Littlefield Publishers.

What Would Kinky Do?: How to Unscrew a Screwed-Up World

St. Martin's Press - Try to be one of them. Get your hair fixed right. Used book in Good Condition. Kinky friedman, sometimes poignant, returns with this collection of hilariously raunchy, who would be our contemporary Will Rogers if Will Rogers had been Jewish, smoked cigars, and foolish enough to believe he could govern the great state of Texas, and always insightful essays.

Rowman Littlefield Publishers. With fearless wit and wisdom born from many a late night’s experience, death, Kinky offers both pearls and cowpats that touch on life, and everything in between. Considering the current predicament of our nation and the world at large, and other cultural touchstones; reflect on texas etiquette, and what to do when a redneck hollers “hey y’all, mullet haircuts, henny youngman” The New York Post, Will Rogers, Bob Dylan, and, George Bush, smoking in bars, yes, watch this!”  Whether he’s “the new Mark Twain” Southern Living, Mark Twain, the question is, immigration policy, how to deliver the perfect air kiss, Judy Garland, “What would Kinky do?”  His answers invoke Willie Nelson, and how Don Imus died for our sins; and advise on how to handle a nonstop talker on a long flight, “in a class with Oscar Wilde, “a Texas legend” President George W.

What Would Kinky Do?: How to Unscrew a Screwed-Up World - Nobody cares. If you’re male, cut it into a “mullet” short on the sides and top, long in the back-think Billy Ray Cyrus. If you’re female, make it as big as possible, with lots of teasing and hair spray. If you can hide a buck knife in there, you’re ready. Buy you a big ol’ pickup truck or a Cadillac.

Kinky's Celebrity Pet Files

Simon & Schuster - Rowman Littlefield Publishers. Kinky's celebrity pet files, by Friedman, Kinky Used book in Good Condition.

Everything's Bigger in Texas: The Life and Times of Kinky Friedman

Backbeat - With tom waits and the band to political platforms advocating legalized marijuana to friendships with John Belushi Joseph Heller Don Imus Willie Nelson Dwight Yoakam and Billy Bob Thornton this is the candid account ä based on dozens and years of interviews ä of the larger-than-life Texan who is still writing books and songs recording albums and performing for enthusiastic audiences throughout the world.

Used book in Good Condition. Kinky friedman has always maintained his Kinkster persona and hidden Richard Friedman from the public eye. Rowman Littlefield Publishers. Using one-liners humor and occasional rudeness he follows the advice of his friend Bob Dylan to keep an aura of mystery. Author mary lou sullivan spent many contentious days and nights at Kinky's Texas Hill Country ranch before he trusted her enough to open up and speak candidly.

Everything's Bigger in Texas: The Life and Times of Kinky Friedman - Best known as an irreverent cigar-chomping jewish country-and-western singer turned author turned politician Kinky has dined on monkey brains in the jungles of Borneo supped with presidents and vacationed with Bob Dylan in the tiny fishing village of Yelapa Mexico. A satirist who loves pushing the envelope he's been attacked onstage received bomb threats and put on the only show in Austin City Limits' history deemed too offensive to air.

From the 1970s music scene in L. A.

Cowboy Logic: The Wit and Wisdom of Kinky Friedman and Some of His Friends

St. Martin's Press - Cowboy logic is a distillation of the very best. I'll hire good people. Happiness is a moving target. As the old cowboy philosophy of life sums it up "Hang on tight, spur hard, and let'er buck. Used book in Good Condition. He's the irrepressible future Governor of Texas. Rowman Littlefield Publishers. Kinky friedman is known for many things.

He is the "oldest Jew in Texas who doesn't own real estate. And he is notorious for his outrageous one-liners. I'm a Jew. Complimenting kinky's timeless maxims are illustrations by the brilliant Ace Reid. Kinky's "little red book" is a compilation of his hilarious, insightful, and raunchy one-liners. Organized into sections including: cowboy logic; things you would never hear a real texan say; blessings, & other hopeless causes; writing for Fun & Man; Treasures & Other Observations on the Condition of Our Condition; All Politics is Yokel; Kinky on Kinky; The Continuing Adventures of God & Pleasures; Advice to People Who Are Happier Than I am; The Great State of Texas; Love, Curses, Marriage & Prophet; and Animal Crackers.

Cowboy Logic: The Wit and Wisdom of Kinky Friedman and Some of His Friends - Some of kinky's bon mots include: There's a fine line between fiction and non-fiction and I believe I snorted it in 1976. When the horse dies--get off. Always respect your superiors, if you have any. Where there's a will, there's a lawyer.

Heroes of a Texas Childhood

Kismet Press - Literary essays by kinky friedman about his childhood heroes, including Barbara Jordan, Willie Nelson, and Davy Crockett. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Rowman Littlefield Publishers.