The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work

ACHIEVE Publishing #ad - Employees are inspired when they work in organizations whose purpose and values resonate with them. Other workplaces are simply uninspiring. When leaders don't handle conflict promptly and well, it quickly sours the workplace. Most employees want to work on projects that inspire them, align with what they are good at, and allow them to grow.

Creating Peak Performing Teams. Providing Meaningful Work. Unfortunately, far too many people don't like where they work. This book includes survey feedback from over 2, 400 leaders and employees and resources for putting these ideas into action. People are energized when they work together effectively because teams achieve things that no one person could do on their own.

The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work #ad - How leaders relate to their employees plays a major role in how everyone feels about their workplace. When a workplace culture is purposely created to be respectful and inspiring, more productive, employees are happier, and more engaged. Focusing your Leadership Team on People. Building Meaningful Relationships.

. Some organizations are unhealthy and full of disrespectful behavior. By exploring six key elements that make up a healthy workplace culture, the culture question answers two fundamental questions: ''How does your organization's culture impact how much people like where they work?'' and ''What can you do to make it better?'' Discover how to create a workplace where people like to work by focusing on these six elements of healthy workplace culture: Communicating Your Purpose and Values.


ENGAGEMENT MAGIC: Five Keys for Engaging People, Leaders, and Organizations

Greenleaf Book Group Press #ad - Yet, most don’t understand how engagement really works. In this new edition, based on new research and double the survey data, ENGAGEMENT MAGIC provides you with an expert approach to increasing workplace engagement. Discover how to engage employees and yourself more effectively. Most leaders understand that engaged employees are passionate about their jobs and deliver better results, and most of us know what it’s like to either be engaged or disengaged in a workplace where we spend most of our waking hours.

In addition, and specific applications for individuals, thought-provoking questions, Maylett provides a self-assessment, managers, and organizations. Benefit from a psychological approach to fundamental business concepts. Based on data from over 32 million employee survey responses across 70 countries, encouraging initiative, ENGAGEMENT MAGIC combines principles of psychology and human motivation with solid business concepts, providing actionable advice for reducing attrition, and driving profitable growth at your organization.

ENGAGEMENT MAGIC: Five Keys for Engaging People, Leaders, and Organizations #ad - Learn tactics for increasing engagement at all levels of your organization. Based on the most extensive employee engagement survey database of its kind, ENGAGEMENT MAGIC incorporates organizational research with updated case studies, stories, and examples to present you with practical solutions for creating an extraordinary employee experience.

Maylett introduces you to the five magic keys of employee engagement—Meaning, and Connection—and discusses how leaders can help employees achieve higher levels of engagement, Impact, Autonomy, Growth, while engaging ourselves in the journey as well.


My Job: More People at Work Around the World

Greenleaf Book Group Press #ad - My job explores the dignity, asking such provoking questions as: how has the definition and notion of a job shifted in recent years? how does one land in a particular job, and what causes one to flourish or flounder in it? How does our job shape our sense of identity?As Skees explores how our experiences, economic viability, countries, identity, and cultures we work in are different, and views help determine the career we pursue and how the career, continues to shape our identity, and inherent challenges of each occupation, interests, readers just may discover that while the fields, in turn, the intricate ways in which our work effects our lives are universal.

. Amazon bestseller in philanthropy & charitywhat does it mean to have a job?in book two of the series my job: Real People at Work Around the World, author Suzanne Skees profiles fifteen professionals from all corners of the globe, seeking to understand how our work shapes our lives. The fascinating people that skees meets work in all kinds of industries: health and recovery, education and finance, agribusiness and processing, tourism and culture, and diplomacy and peace.


The Manager's Communication Toolkit: Tools and Techniques for Leading Difficult Personalities

Greenleaf Book Group Press #ad - Amazon bestseller in communication in management#1 new release in business conflict resolution & mediationhow to communicate with difficult people in the Workplace and Successfully Lead Any Personality TypeThis is a clear and practical guide to high performance business communication. Ultimately, home, it can positively influence all relationships: at work, school, or anywhere else.

. This book teaches managers how to deal with the most difficult people, resolve conflict, listen and respond to others, and be a stronger leader. In the manager’s communication toolkit, tina kuhn, an accomplished senior executive with 35 years of expertise in organizational transformation, Drama Queen, introduces hands-on strategies for dealing with the ten most challenging personality types: the Manipulator, Recluse, Perfectionist, Gossiper, Naysayer, Controller, Whiner, Yes-Man, and Liar.

The Manager's Communication Toolkit: Tools and Techniques for Leading Difficult Personalities #ad - It provides a framework to have less conflict, better communication, and stronger leadership techniques. Successful managers keep their organizations and teams focused on their goals and avoid the mire of drama and frustration. Dividing the book into three parts, she breaks down the different communication tools, illustrates techniques for working purposefully and skillfully with the personalities she profiles, and shows readers how to explore their own communication and management styles.

This book is for anyone who needs to communicate with others at work—bosses, coworkers, subordinates, and customers.


The Art of Preventing Stupid: How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy through Better Risk Management

An Inc. Original #ad - For those already running a business, more profitable, it offers next-level risk management strategies to make work easier, and more secure. Advice from a lawyerin the art of preventing Stupid, you’ll get a lawyer’s perspective and insight and the value of a fractional general counsel for the cost of a single book.

In a world where most businesses fail, The Art of Preventing Stupid offers a system for leaders to solve common business problems before they happen. You will learn how to seize opportunities rather than wallow in problems that should never have made it to the surface. Forward-thinking risk managementThis book delivers bold business strategy rooted in forward-thinking risk management.

. With his extensive litigation and business representation experience and expertise in building and running custom legal departments for businesses and nonprofits, he has dedicated himself to helping business owners make smart business decisions. This book details how to efficiently prevent and manage potential and present problems and helps business owners and managers learn how to create leads for a more profitable business.

The Art of Preventing Stupid: How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy through Better Risk Management #ad - Author matthew neill davis introduces the Preventing Stupid Method to running a business, categorizing, a method that guides readers in identifying, and prioritizing threats to and weaknesses in their business. It shows struggling entrepreneurs how to weed out the stupid mistakes they’re making, so they can move forward.

Matthew neill davis of davis law, pllc, will show you how to make smart, a firm that has three times made the Law Firm 500 for being among the fastest-growing law firms in the nation, meaningful changes to successfully grow your organization. It is about changing how leaders think, so they can run their business with confidence, effectiveness, and profitability.


Return on Courage: A Business Playbook for Courageous Change

Greenleaf Book Group Press #ad - Yet there’s a lack of urgency to address this callous reality across the board in most organizations. Roc can be the secret weapon to innovating new products and services, maximizing ROI, and revolutionizing their industry. And the solution can be unlocked with courage. Return on courage roc is the go-to courage instructional manual that helps readers attack and shrink business fears head-on.

. They will learn how to relentlessly play offense, drive change, and transform into a Courage Brand®. Unlock couragewhat do an astronaut, the cofounder of method, the former vp of communications at Apple, a Navy SEAL, and the president of Domino’s all have in common? Ryan Berman spent three years shadowing the most courageous people and leaders on the planet to find out what they have done to accomplish liberating personal or business feats.

Return on Courage: A Business Playbook for Courageous Change #ad - Fifty-two percent of fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 are now extinct, and 80 percent of all start-ups will fail within their first 18 months.


Exceptional Every Day: An Empowering Process to Unlock Your Why and Transform Your Life

Greenleaf Book Group Press #ad - It all starts with you. In this book, you’ll learn how to manage your life and value the journey along the way instead of focusing only on the end results. Will help you transform your life. Discover your purpose and design a Life That Is Fully YoursIn Exceptional Every Day, Jason M. Valadão, M. D. Exceptional every Day not only promises to transform lives, it delivers.

Filled with exclusive tools and insightful stories, Jason will guide you to discover and create an individualized roadmap that will lead you to the life that you desire. Using a method called the process, allocate your time appropriately, this book enables you to create and achieve personal goals by helping you understand how to prioritize what is meaningful to you, and maximize productivity.

Exceptional Every Day: An Empowering Process to Unlock Your Why and Transform Your Life #ad - . This “why, ” the core desire that motivates you to succeed, will help you discover the steps that you can take each day to grow, and will inspire you to share your energy with others so that you can live out your purpose. By gaining control of your life and mastering your time, you’ll be empowered to explore your passions and interests, and create an exceptional and fulfilling life for yourself and your loved ones.


World Class: A Story of Adversity, Transformation, and Success at NYU Langone Health

Fast Company Press #ad - Haseltine answers this question and many more. Based on first hand in-depth interviews with those that led the change,  World Class provides a vivid account of the transformation of NYU Langone Health and its rise to preeminence. Haseltine gives his readers a step-by-step guide for anyone wishing to achieve similar excellence at their institution, whether that be at a medical facility, school, business, or nonprofit organization.

. 1 new release in nonprofit management & leadershipamazon best seller in hospital administrationamazon best seller in management & leadershipamazon best seller in workplace culturea world class transformationon august 16, 2018, nyu Langone Health captured the attention of the medical world with the surprise announcement that all current and new medical school students would receive full tuition scholarships.

World Class: A Story of Adversity, Transformation, and Success at NYU Langone Health #ad - That bold move is yet another giant step in the transformation of NYU Langone Health from a faded and money losing medical institution to an innovative world class institution with a highly regarded hospital, medical school, and research program. How did nyu langone go from mediocrity to global leadership in less than a decade?In World Class, internationally renowned author, business leader, scientist, and philanthropist Dr.

William A. World class offers crucial lessons at a critical time, as both high and low income nations grapple with how do deliver effective healthcare at a manageable cost.


Give Back the Light: A Doctor's Relentless Struggle to End Blindness

Greenleaf Book Group Press #ad - Amazon bestseller in doctor-patient relations and #1 release in optometrya look at a legacyfaced with potential blindness because of a recurring detached retina, James Moore makes a last attempt to save the sight in his right eye. Charles is an historical and yet mostly unknown figure who has lived a remarkable life of great importance.

This is a book about a physician who has been intimately involved in saving the vision of millions of people through the spread of his technology and surgical techniques. In the telling, moore helps readers view the wider world and their contributions to it in different light, and offers a prosaic understanding of the sheer joy of just seeing.

Hoping for a miracle, he travels from austin to memphis to meet with eye specialist, and techniques have been transformative in the field of retinal surgery, a physician whose inventions of machines, Steve Charles, tools, and who has performed more vitreoretinal procedures than anyone in history. Part biography, part autobiography, Give Back the Light is a dual-track narrative that highlights the challenges and achievements of modern health care.

Give Back the Light: A Doctor's Relentless Struggle to End Blindness #ad - Moore decides to change that. New york times best-selling author of bush’s brain and emmy award-winning television news correspondent James Moore documents his own journey in the struggle to save his eyesight, while also weaving in a detailed account of the doctor’s profound accomplishments and their global impact on people.

Dr. As he struggles to see, moore comes to realize that while no doctor has perhaps had a broader impact on vision and ophthalmological surgery, no one outside the field really knows who Charles is or what he’s accomplished.


Reimagining Our American Republic: A Commonsense Vision for Uncommon Times

Greenleaf Book Group Press #ad - Frey presents straightforward and optimistic proof that there are judicious solutions at hand. Are you concerned about the current political polarization and serious economic and social uncertainty in the United States today? Peter Frey’s powerful, and fair-minded book, fresh, Reimagining Our American Republic: A Commonsense Vision for Uncommon Times, provides solid reasons for hope and a clear direction forward.

After educating readers on the background of the issues affecting america today and examining political problems passed down from previous generations, Frey offers detailed, thoughtful proposals—both practical and provocative—on how we can alter the way we govern ourselves and restructure our government in areas from education and voting rights to healthcare and defense—all while staying true to the intentions of the Founding Fathers.

Reimagining Our American Republic: A Commonsense Vision for Uncommon Times #ad - Frey’s book is a call to action to the growing number of Americans—including young people—who are ready to understand and face the critical complexities of the present-day situation and take action to move our country beyond them. As frey asks in the book, research scientist, when?”Frey is a published author, “If not now, and professor emeritus at Northwestern University.

The book will energize readers, honest change, and inspire anyone who is eager for new ideas, encourage discussion, and making a positive impact on our country during these historic times.


Quintessence: The Poetry of True Nature

River Grove Books #ad - Not only does this framework help with the discovery of meaning but also the attribution of it, coloring each poem with a new light. Though sara’s approach to poetry is often described as an inside-out way of knowing, she prefers to call it inside-in, to bring recognition to the directness of the paths of understanding.

In quintessence: the poetry of true nature, emotions, moving through reflections, author and teacher Sara Priestley continues her longtime exploration of both knowledge and experience, and inner dialogue to reach a fuller recognition of the abundance of being. And after you experience all the joy, grief, and peace quintessence offers, freedom, you may discover a new understanding of your own true nature.

Quintessence: The Poetry of True Nature #ad - She frames this journey using the five fundamental elements of the universe as themes, grouping poems using the principles of earth, water, air, fire, or essence. You’ll find profound truths penned with clarity, lightness, and simplicity as you share in her journey, poem by poem.