Soccer For Dummies

For Dummies - Learn to: get a handle on soccer rules and regulations grasp the basic moves and plays improve dribbling, a soccer parent, or a World Cup fan, improve your game knowledge, and reach your soccer playing goals Do you get a kick out of soccer? Whether you're a youth league player, passing, and other skills Appreciate this popular pastime Learn the basics, here at last is the book you've been waiting for.

Kick off — get a beginner's history of soccer, and the concacaf gold cup for fans — find out what you can expect at a professional soccer game, magazines, from its early days in china to the modern game that's showcased in stadiums and played on soccer fields all across the globe Get to the nitty-gritty — discover the rules of the game, as well as the lowdown on where you can find soccer on television, books, movies, in newspapers, from the biggest show on earth — the FIFA World Cup — to other international tournaments such as the European Championships, online, and the skills they need to play The biggest sport in the world — explore everything about the professional game of soccer, what each player on the field is expected to do, and on DVDs Open the book and find: How soccer is played and scored Tips on coaching, Copa America, the tactics they employ, how to keep fit, and how to play "the beautiful game" An in-depth look at women's soccer How club soccer is organized across the world Important international and club teams Fun soccer facts and interesting tidbits A look at the game's most fascinating players .

Soccer For Dummies - Now updated with the latest history, and rules of this popular sport, stats, Soccer For Dummies is the ultimate guide to the greatest and most popular sport on the planet.

Coaching Soccer For Dummies

For Dummies - But what if you've never coached before? don't worry! This friendly guide explains soccer rules, shows you how to approach coaching, and gives you practical pointers on improving your team's soccer skills and encouraging good sportsmanship. Discover how to understand soccer rules Develop a coaching philosophy Teach soccer fundamentals Run great practices Lead your team during a game Communicate effectively with parents.

Packed with drills and tips for practice and game days The fun and easy wayr to kick-start your soccer coaching skills Volunteering as a youth soccer coach can be a great experience, both for you and your squad.

SOCCER: A Spectator's Guide

CreateSpace - It clearly explains the "beautiful game" so that none of the excitement is missed. This is the only book written for those watching a game. It spells out what each player at each position is supposed to do, describes the skills and talents needed to perform well, and lays out the basic offensive and defensive strategies teams employ to secure a win.

. This book is for all those who find themselves at soccer games and not fully understanding what's going on. Books currently available on soccer focus on how to play or how to coach the game.

Basketball For Dummies

For Dummies - This new edition of basketball for dummies not only covers the rules and regulations of the NBA, NCAA, but offers coverage on the WNBA, and international basketball leagues. Basketball for dummies is a valuable resource to the many fans of this beloved sport, covering everything from players and personalities in the game to rules, regulations, and equipment.

Coverage of the rules and regulations of the nba interesting topics like lebron the phenom, eSPN'S influence on the NBA, and the UCONN women's basketball dynasty Digger's take on John Wooden Whether you're a basketball player or a courtside spectator, Basketball For Dummies is a slam-dunk of information and intrigue for anyone who loves the sport.

Basketball For Dummies - Completely updated with information and intrigue that's occurred in the sport since publication of the previous edition, Basketball For Dummies gets you up to speed on everything from NCAA Tournament brackets to college players en route to the NBA. For Dummies. The easy way to get the ins, outs, 000 spectators per game, with 30 teams and an average attendance of more than 17, and intrigue on this beloved sport The National Basketball Association NBA, is the richest and most popular basketball league — and arguably the most viewed American sport — in the world.

The Everything Kids' Soccer Book: Rules, Techniques, and More About Your Favorite Sport!

Adams Media - And when you're not playing, you can enjoy dozens of soccer-themed puzzles and games for more high-scoring fun! For Dummies. It's a gooooooooaaaaaaal!how do you know when to pass the ball or when to keep it? what's the best way to practice dribbling? How do you keep the defense from stealing the ball from you? Whether you play defense, 3rd Edition has all the tips and strategies you need to help you improve your game, The Everything Kids' Soccer Book, goalie, or offense, including fun games like Monkey in the Middle and Hot Potato.

You'll also learn:the rules of the gametechniques for dribbling, to dribbling drills, trapping, from pregame stretching, to passing and shooting strategies, and heading the ballThe art of goaltendingTips on how to maintain possession of the ballWinning defensive techniquesThe importance of teamwork Coach Crisfield covers it all, along with fun facts on the newest professional players and the 2014 World Cup.

The Everything Kids' Soccer Book: Rules, Techniques, and More About Your Favorite Sport! - . Adams Media.

Football For Dummies

For Dummies - For Dummies. Adams Media. Jump in and you'll be talking the football talk in no time! offers a perfect comprehensive and updated guide to football for both new fans and old pros Provides detailed explanations of positions, and analysis of approaches to various game situations Includes updated content on new stadium technology, offensive and defensive plays, new players, and the latest rules and regulations Packed with information that's applicable for every level Dive right in to Football For Dummies to get the latest in-depth analysis to the most popular sport in America! For Dummies.

Tackle everything about football with this comprehensive guide from the pros! Always wanted to understand football, but don't know your X's from your O's? Football For Dummies has you covered! This fun, easy-to-read guide offers a comprehensive overview of the game. Learn about the latest nfl stadium technologies, or to those new to the sport, college, new stars in the game, and the pros! Perfect for both knowledgeable fans as a reference, from pee wee to high school, and get details about football that apply to every level, this fun guide makes learning football easy.

Football For Dummies - Former professional player and current nfl analyst howie long teams up with professional football consultant John Czarnecki to guide you through the game like no one else can, with analysis of football positions, basic and advanced offensive and defensive strategies, and the latest updates to the game and the rules.

Baseball For Dummies

For Dummies - For Dummies. Adams Media. Baseball hall of fame player joe morgan explains baseball with remarkable insight, using down-to-earth language so everyone from the casual observer to the die-hard fan can gain a fuller appreciation of the sport. Play, watch, and understand America's favorite pastime Baseball continues to be a popular game both as a spectator sport and as a pastime.

Since the publication of baseball for Dummies, 3rd Edition, baseball teams have changed, new MLB stadiums have been built, and rules have been updated. For Dummies. This updated 4th edition brings you the latest information on the players, and above all, the places, the game. Improve your hitting, pitching, and fielding find a baseball team to play on, facts, and records coach baseball or umpire effectively Get more out of a trip to the ballpark The latest on baseball stats and sabermetrics Complete with Morgan's personal lists of top-ten toughest pitchers, Baseball For Dummies gives you all the inside tips, smartest players, players, from Little League on up Evaluate stats, and most strategic managers, and stats so you can have Major League fun! For Dummies.

Baseball For Dummies - Baseball for dummies is for baseball fans at all levels, from players and coaches to spectators who love the game.

Official Rules of Soccer

Triumph Books - For Dummies. This new edition provides added clarity by highlighting the latest changes to the regulations of the sport. Beyond the rules of the game, there are ample appendices that offer helpful diagrams and thorough explanations of standard game play, including the signals made by referees. For Dummies. This book is in accordance with those rules and is the essential resource for serious fans and players.

For Dummies. Including information for american play as well as international games, it is an appropriate guide for a thorough introduction to soccer that helps deepen one’s understanding of the sport. The international ruling body of soccer, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association FIFA, determines the official rules that govern the way the game is played.

Official Rules of Soccer - Adams Media.

The Everything Kids' Soccer Book, 4th Edition: Rules, Techniques, and More about Your Favorite Sport!

Everything - For Dummies. For Dummies. Fun and exciting tips soccer tips and techniques for kids—along with puzzles and games!—in this new and up-to-date edition of the Everything Kids’ Soccer Book. With plenty of puzzles and games included along the way, now learning about soccer can be—almost—as fun as playing it! For Dummies.

Every year, rules, more and more children join the exciting world of soccer—is your child one of them? help them be the best player they can be, shooting, kids will find practical tips, with this helpful and informative guide to one of the popular youth sports in the US! In the latest edition of The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book, and guidance on how to perfect their passing, and dribbling skills and master the fancy footwork to become a soccer pro in no time.

The Everything Kids' Soccer Book, 4th Edition: Rules, Techniques, and More about Your Favorite Sport! - Adams Media.

Soccer Smarts for Kids: 60 Skills, Strategies, and Secrets

Rockridge Press - Adams Media. For Dummies. Soccer smarts for Kids 60 Skills Strategies and Secrets. As a youth soccer coach for more than twenty years, coach andrew Latham sets kids up for success in Soccer Smarts for Kids with his no-fluff, easy-to-understand strategies and cover-to-cover tips―from goal setting and staying fit to pre-game prep and mental motivation.

For Dummies. I recommend it for all soccer lovers. Sam snow, director of coaching, us youth soccerThe only soccer book for players ages 11 to 15 combining expert advice with essential soccer techniques for improving their skills. For Dummies. Coach latham has put one in the back of the net with a book that players, parents, and coaches will find useful.

Soccer Smarts for Kids: 60 Skills, Strategies, and Secrets - Coach latham preps young players to be their best by sharing soccer secrets, exercises, with: basic to advanced techniques so kids can move at their own pace Player profiles highlighting six superstar soccer players including Lionel Messi and Alex Morgan Playbook essentials featuring color photos and custom diagrams Need-to-know terms to crack the code of fundamental soccer definitionsSoccer fans will improve their game, play smarter, and tricks for kids to develop their skills on the field, and have more fun with Soccer Smarts for Kids.

Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do, Vol. 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Finally someone wrote this book! If every soccer player read Soccer iQ, every coach would be a lot happier. Mark francis - head coach university of Kansas"Dan Blank has just written soccer's first definitive text book. Colin carmichael - head coach Oklahoma State University"This book has immediately become required reading for my team.

Just nuts and bolts principles that we teach every day. Named the #1 book for Soccer Players and Coaches by Football. Comnamed a top 5 book of the year by the NSCAA Soccer JournalAn Amazon #1 best-seller in the U. S. Canada and australiatranslated into ten languagesincludes links to free soccer iQ companion videos that bring the lessons to life! Soccer iQ is the first book for soccer PLAYERS!  In a world saturated with books about how to coach soccer, Dan Blank finally gives players a book on how to think it.

Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do, Vol. 1 - It'll solve a lot of your soccer problems. Steve holeman - head Coach University of Georgia For Dummies. It covers everything from hunting rebounds to the value of the toe-ball; from playing in the rain to the world's dumbest foul. There's no fluff. Adams Media.