Pitch Like A Pro: A Guide for Young Pitchers and Their Coaches, Little League Through High School

In his years with the atlanta braves, he has trained several Cy Young Award winners and helped lead his team to the World Series. In pitch like a pro, mazzone and coauthor Jim Rosenthal offer step-by-step instructions for players and coaches in Little League through high school. They teach all of the pitching basics and give athletes advice on how they can use the right training techniques to grow stronger and stay healthier.

Leo mazzone is pro baseball's premier pitching coach. Contents include:mazzone's between-starts throwing programhow to grip different pitchesProper mechanics and delivery techniquePitching strategies and tacticsField the positionPitch like a Pro offers contributions by such well known pitchers as Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Denny Neagle, John Smotz, along with black-and-white instructional photographs.


The Complete Guide to Pitching

Featuring skill instruction, development drills, pitcher, personal insights, and instruction on every aspect of pitching, exercises, The Complete Guide to Pitching is a must-have for every pitching coach, and baseball fan. The complete guide to Pitching is the most comprehensive pitching resource available.

He must have a me-versus-you mind-set, own the mound, that unique blend of confidence and determination that fuels a passion to set the tone of the game, and shut down the opponent. There is more to becoming a great pitcher than sound mechanics, a blazing fastball, and a live arm. Derek johnson, one of the game's premier pitching coaches, takes you inside the art and science of pitching.

You'll discover these strategies: - upper- and lower-body pitching mechanics - most effective arm and shoulder strengthening workouts - Shutting down the opponent's running game - Developing a potent pitching arsenal, and follow-through From pregame warm-ups to cultivating the pitcher-catcher relationship, curve, stretch, including the splitter, and changeup - Creating a pregame pitching plan - Situational strategies and recognizing hitters' weaknesses - Fielding the position - In- and off-season conditioning programs - Windup, it's all here in this one-of-a-kind book and DVD package.

A pitcher must know how to pitch--what to throw, when to throw it, and where to locate it.

Nolan Ryan's Pitcher's Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Power, Precision, and Long-Term Performance

He is still blowing his fastballs by hitters at an age when most pitchers have long since retired—or have learned to depend on guile instead of power. A timetable for keeping a pitcher in top shape year-round, maximum velocity, including specific exercise intervals to meet the individual strength demands of each pitcher's throwing motion, and maximum weekly number of pitches.

But the ryan express keeps chugging on, getting more unhittable, not less. Shelf 14. 5. 3. How does nolan ryan still do it?At forty-three years old, Nolan Ryan is a marvel. Nolan ryan's pitcher's Bible tells us the secrets of Ryan's success. An in-depth presentation of ryan's pitching strategy—how he prepares himself mentally for a game, an analysis of his pitch selection for different types of hitters, and how he applies his training regimen to improving his effectiveness on the mound.

Nolan ryan's pitcher's bible includes: -nolan ryan's complete fitness program for pitchers—including weight training, aerobic exercise, and diet—based on the latest scientific research and his twenty-four years of experience as a major leaguer. Illustrated with black-and-white photos of ryan in action, Nolan Ryan's Pitcher's Bible is the ultimate book on pitching, along with photos and line drawings of the recommended exercises, by the ultimate pitcher.

Drawing on ryan's practical experience and Tom House's research expertise, it shows how the right combination of exercise and motivation can help a pitcher develop to his greatest potential. The most up-to-date methods for preventing arm injuries by establishing proper mechanics, a conditioning base, and throwing work loads.

The Science of Hitting

A lifelong student of hitting, he sought advice from every great hitter—and pitcher—he met. Using its detailed illustrations, players of all skill levels will learn how to improve their fundamentals and gain keen insights into the finer points of hitting, anecdotes, and concise coaching, including: -How to Think Like a Pitcher and Guess the Pitch -The Three Cardinal Rules for Developing a Smooth Line-Driving Swing -The Secrets of Hip and Wrist Action -Pitch Selection -Bunting -Hitting the Opposite Way The Science of Hitting is a must-read for all baseball players looking to improve their turn at bat and for all coaches and parents teaching the sport.

Simon Schuster. Baseball’s last. 400 hitter shares his secrets in this primer still used at all levels of the game. Paul dickson, author of bill veeck: baseball’s greatest Maverick Now fully revised with new illustrations and diagrams, the classic—and still the greatest—book on hitting from the last baseball player to break the magic.

400 barrier, Ted Williams. Ted williams was arguably the greatest pure hitter who ever lived. Shelf 14. 5. 3. Drawing on that advice, as well as his own legendary life in baseball, Williams produced the all-time batting classic, The Science of Hitting.

Coaching the Little League Pitcher : Teaching Young Players to Pitch With Skill and Confidence

Shelf 14. 5. 3. Filled with fun and easy-to-follow instructions and advice on teaching the fundamentals of baseball, the bestselling Little League Baseball® series is sure to score with coaches and kids alike. Bewildered managers, coaches, and parents of the more than 2. 5 million little league Baseball® players need all the help they can get.

The authoritative sourcebooks for parents, and coaches Baseball is a complicated game to learn, players, particularly for a 9- to 12-year-old's attention span. Coaching the little league® pitcher this book provides little league coaches and parents with valuable information on how to help their pitchers improve, covering everything from the kinds of pitches and the strategic aspects of pitching to tips for keeping players healthy and fit.

Simon Schuster. Sports.

Leo Mazzone's Tales from the Braves Mound

The braves pitching staff has either led or been second in the major leagues in ERA's each year since 1992, and his starting pitchers have won six Cy Young Awards between them. Sports. Used book in Good Condition. An assortment of stories and memories from Mazzone's time on the Braves bench will make this book a must read for any Braves fan or baseball fan in general.

Tales from the braves mound reveals many of Mazzone's coaching philosophy's and will give insight into his relationships with current Braves greats such as Greg Maddux and John Smoltz. Mazzone has been developing pitchers at various levels of the Braves organization since 1979, but nothing has given him more satisfaction than the past 11 seasons.

This is the story of leo mazzone and his ascent through the minor leagues to the dugout of the Atlanta Braves where he has become one of the finest pitching coaches in the game and has coached perhaps the greatest pitching staff ever assembled on a major league roster. Simon Schuster. Shelf 14. 5. 3.

The Mental ABCs of Pitching: A Handbook for Performance Enhancement

Perfect for pitchers who need that extra edge or hitters who want to better understand the mental moves on the mound. With a new foreword by Rick Wolff! Shelf 14. 5. 3. Dorfman brings his years of expertise as instructor/counselor with the A's, Marlins, and Devil Rays to provide an easy-to-use, A-to-Z handbook which will give insight and instruction on how to pitch to peak performance at every level of the game.

Simon Schuster. Author H. A. Sports. Used book in Good Condition. Lyons.

The Baseball Drill Book

In all, the baseball drill Book provides the essential link between initial skill learning and winning performance on the diamond. Former fresno state coach bob bennett, lewis-clark state's ed cheff, wichita state's gene stephenson, ripon College's Gordie Gillespie, and South Carolina's Ray Tanner are among the greats who present their best practice drills and insights for improving these skills:-Conditioning and warm-up-Throwing and catching-Base running and sliding-Hitting and bunting-Pitching-Fielding-Offensive and defensive tacticsEach drill follows a concise format.

Drill modifications are included so that each drill can be modified to fit specific needs. Shelf 14. 5. 3. Used book in Good Condition. Baseball Drill Book. American Baseball Coaches Association. Isbn: 0736050833. Sports. Additional chapters explain how to effectively and efficiently incorporate drills in practice sessions and to simulate game situations.

. Lyons.

Baseball Lessons "How To Pitch" - Fundamentals and Drills Volume 1

American Baseball Coaches Association. Sports. Baseball Drill Book. Simon Schuster. Isbn: 0736050833. Shelf 14. 5. 3. Used book in Good Condition. Printed in the united states of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. This book was written for coaches but kids who want to learn to be the best will find it a guide book that they will use throughout their career as a baseball pitcher.

These techniques are not hard to do but are essential fundamentals that all pitchers must learn if they are to throw strikes and control the game. America's past time, baseball! do you want to learn how to play baseball the right way? Are you a coach and want to teach your students how to play baseball? Do you want to pitch in the Major Leagues? Pitching a baseball takes a great deal of concentration and repetition and that's why I've put together a short eBook detailing the fundamentals and drills necessary to "Pitch Strikes.

These are time tested drills that have been tried, proven and used over the past 40 years to develop pitchers that have won championships and made it to the Big Leagues. Lyons.

The Art & Science of Pitching

Each chapter describes in detail learning points and teaching applications of help improve the health and performance of pitchers from Little League to the Major Leagues. The art & science of pitching provides current information on skills and drills for coaches, players, and parents. The book contains four sections: pitching biomechanics; building skills with drills; pitching goals, and tactics for competition; and functional fitness, mental/emotional management, strategies, nutrition, and arm care for health and performance.

Isbn: 0736050833. Used book in Good Condition. Simon Schuster. Noted authors, exercise, gary heil, coaches, and Steve Johnson present this update on objective medical, and consultants Tom House, and coaching pitching research. Used book in Good Condition. Printed in the united states of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.

Sports. American Baseball Coaches Association. Shelf 14. 5. 3. Large format and features over 250 clear pictures and images.

Little Leagues Drills & Strategies Little League Baseball Guides

Expert advice and innovative drills to propel your team to success endorsed by Little League Baseball® and a favorite among coaches and parents, practice, and 3 practice, Little League Drills and Strategies is built around three easy-to-follow rules: 1 teach the basics, 2 keep it fun, practice. Also included is a special troubleshooting section with strategies on how to correct players' technique.

Lyons. Simon Schuster. Accompanied by engaging instructional photographs, this authoritative resource features drills that will teach all of the fundamentals: Hitting Pitching Fielding Baserunning And more McIntosh also pays special attention to the latest rule changes, including everything you need to know about pitch counts and how to use them to your team's advantage.

These innovative exercises and minigames will keep practice fun for your players while they sharpen their abilities on the field. Used book in Good Condition. American Baseball Coaches Association. Sports. Following these simple yet successful tenets, author Ned McIntosh has packed this book with imaginative drills that you can use to help your players strengthen their baseball skills.

Isbn: 0736050833. Printed in the united states of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Used book in Good Condition.