Enamelling Jewellery Handbooks

Herbert Press - The gallery showcases work from over 30 international contemporary enamellists, and there is also a 'troubleshooting' section to help readers identify, remedy and repair any problems they may encounter along the way. Contents include: the fundamental preparations, firing and finishing enamel; cloissoné; engraving and etching; painted enamel; and various additional techniques, enamel characteristics and types; designing, constructing, methods and effects.

Enamelling - the fusion of glass on metal - provides opportunities for amazing effects, colours and styles of jewellery. In this book, ruth ball outlines each of the main enamel techniques in step-by-step detail and gives an insight into the variety of modern methods available for exploration. This is an extremely practical, advice and clearly illustrated, accessible and user-friendly handbook, packed with useful information, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration

Lark Crafts - Even more creative possibilities await in the firing: use copper oxide to create cool color variations or try raku firing for unique effects. With this lavish introduction to the centuries-old art of enameling, even beginners can effortlessly create imaginative designs. The various styles range from traditional cloisonné, champlevé, and plique-à-jour to experimental techniques such as firing enamel onto mesh forms.

Lark books NC. Written with clarity and passion by a leader in the field, the fundamentals of setting up a studio, it covers all the popular techniques, and 14 fabulous projects. All the well-photographed projects, from a vibrantly toned flower ring to an elegant set of buttons with a delicate leaf pattern, encourage novices to use their skills and imagination.

Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design: Inspiration, Process, and Finding Your Voice

Schiffer - Dozens of stunning examples from designers around the world help to inspire anyone looking for a new source of creativity. Instructor and expert loretta lam offers guidance on working with a wide array of materials, along with exercises to help you explore new design concepts before applying them to your work directly.

Learn how to discover your personal inspiration and process; master the use of the design elements and principles; establish a design hierarchy and find your voice; draw on the inestimable value of critique; and more. An accessible and easy to use guide to the principles and elements of jewelry design, this resource helps jewelry makers of all skill levels to take their designs from good to great.

Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design: Inspiration, Process, and Finding Your Voice - You will keep this book close at hand and pick it up time and again for inspiration and as an essential reference. Lark books NC.

Beginner's Guide to Enamelling Search Press Classics

Search Press - Search Press. Back by popular demand dorothy cockrell encourages readers to enjoy the delights of this exciting and gratifying craft. You can make jewellery, decorate boxes, create pictures, embellish bowls and produce many unique designs. Offering easy step-by-step photographs and instructions, she guides the reader through all the different techniques, illustrating how beautiful and unusual effects can be achieved once the basic principles have been learnt.

She discusses how to prepare the metal, choosing and mixing colours and firing methods. Packed with stimulating and innovative ideas, this book will appeal to beginners who want to start a fascinating new craft, and it will also inspire anyone interested in the art of enamelling. The vibrant colours and wonderful textures will make you want to experiment and develop your own projects.

Beginner's Guide to Enamelling Search Press Classics - Previously published as isbn 9781903975619 Lark books NC. More advanced techniques are also included: stencilling, working with gold and silver leaf, drawing on enamel, sgrafitto, using rubber stamps, and more.

Enameling on Metal

Barrons Educational Series Inc - Hundreds of instructive color photos. The book concludes with step-by-step instructions for a series of projects that students can carry out to produce a variety of beautiful enameled metal objects, vases, wall hangings, including jewelry, decorative boxes, urns, and sculptures. An opening chapter discusses and illustrates examples of enameled art objects created by medieval, renaissance, and modern masters.

Enameling on metal is an ancient and revered art form, and this book presents detailed instruction that is suitable for self-teaching as well as for use in formal crafts classes. Subsequent chapters present detailed instruction in mastering various techniques that include pigment mixing, engraving, etching, painting, and firing.

Enameling on Metal - Lark books NC. Students are introduced to several different enameling methods, such as cloisonn� and basse taille. Search Press. A chapter that follows shows and explains the materials, brushes, and equipment that students of this craft will need--the special enamels and metal sheets, as well as mallets, acids, abrasives, metal-working tools, files, tools, and the kiln for firing finished pieces.

Engraving and Enamelling: The Art of Champlevé

Crowood Press - Search Press. Phil barnes gives a unique insight into all aspects of the process as he explains the techniques of engraving in preparation for enamelling, and then looks at enamels and how to work with them to create a piece, through to the final polishing and finishing. Lark books NC. This book explains the rich traditions of the magnificent technique of champlevé, which combines the skills of engraving and enamelling.

. Champlevé is a technique of enamelling requiring the creation of a cell into which enamel is then applied.

Enamelling on Precious Metals

Crowood Press - Search Press. Used book in Good Condition. Now in paperback,  a lavishly illustrated introduction to the beautiful, centuries-old art of enameling, from the inspiration of design to the intricacies of the process and the skills of firing Enamels have fascinated the world for centuries and have been enjoying a resurgence over the last 40 years.

Aimed at the practicing artist enameler and the interested collector, this investigation into the various techniques looks at how the many stunning effects are achieved. In addition to examining the various traditional techniques of enamelling on precious metals, the book also looks at contemporary developments and innovative new materials.

Enamelling on Precious Metals - . It provides historical background to enamelling, advice on safe practice, basics on tools and equipment, an introduction to enamels and precious metals, and technical information. Lark books NC. It also covers such techniques as champlevé, and plique-á-jour, cloisonné, as well as variations of these methods.

Enamelling on Copper

Crowood Press - Copper enameling—essentially, the melting of glass enamel grains onto a copper surface—is an exciting and fascinating technique. Enamelling on copper highlights the unique interactions between copper and enamels, and gives a detailed account of working with this wonderful combination. The basic technique—simply sifting ground enamels onto a copper surface and firing the two in a kiln for one minute—is a thrilling experience, but delving deeper into the techniques pays even greater rewards.

Starting with an introduction to enamels, this new book goes on to explain how to work with an enameling kiln, including temperatures and timings; the different kinds of enamels and how they work together; the enameling process; and how to control small sifted particles of the glass enamels to achieve your designs.

Enamelling on Copper - A final chapter is devoted to the practice of firing the enamels higher than is necessary in order to transform their colors to create unique effects. Lark books NC. Used book in Good Condition. Search Press.

Enameling New Crafts

Anness - Lark books NC. Search Press. This elegant and informative edition to the series illustrates the remarkable work being produced by today's enamellists using time-honored methods. The book begins by explaining basic enamelling techniques such as champleve and cloisonn with clear sequenced photographs and text.

. A glorious gallery of work by the best contemporary artists is also included for inspiration. 25 beautiful projects accompanied by over 300 full-color photographs are shown in simple, step-by-step sequences, including delicate floral inspired earrings and charming buttons for a sweater. Used book in Good Condition.

Enameling New Crafts - Beginning and experienced enamellists will rejoice in the unique projects and detailed information about this beautiful ancient art. Used book in Good Condition. Instructions for preparing enamels and metal, applying enamels and firing enamels are also covered.

The Art of Fine Enameling

Stackpole Books - Lark books NC. Search Press. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Jeweler's Enameling Workshop: Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled Jewelry

Interweave - Search Press. Add vibrant color to your jewelry!enameling is the one of the best ways to add color to your jewelry--and anyone can do it! In Jeweler's Enameling Workshop, master jeweler Pauline Warg shares her easy-to-follow approach to enameling. You'll learn to:stencil simple designs using multiple colors of enamelincorporate foil and glass beads and threads into your designsLayer enamel on stamped metal for added dimensionUse metal screen as a canvas on which to create an enameled patternCreate intricate designs with the classic techniques of cloisonne and champleveClear photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions will have you creating stunning designs using exciting techniques in no time.

Interweave Press Inc. Used book in Good Condition. Then, pendants, bracelets, earrings, twenty projects for beautiful necklaces, and rings walk you through various dry and wet enameling techniques. You'll first learn the basics of kiln firing and torch firing, including equipment, tools, safety, and how to troubleshoot problems.

Jeweler's Enameling Workshop: Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled Jewelry - Lark books NC. Used book in Good Condition.