Can’t Stop the Love of A Boss 3

Leo Sullivan Presents - There are no solid clues as to who shot him which makes everyone a suspect. Will the dream of retiring worry-free to the beaches of Jamaica come true, or will he have to take it to the streets one last time?On this final ride, the bonds of family and friendship will be tested. Lawrynn has grown tired of the constant drama surrounding her family and friends.

Murder has been shot, and tensions are at an all-time high. Just when he thinks it’s time to change his life, someone puts his nephew's life in danger. Uncle Jimmy and Mrs. Secrets have been unleashed, and shots have been fired. However, nell has a lot to learn about her parents and their life together. Ella have found the kind of love that they never thought they could have.

Can't Stop the Love of A Boss 3 - Seeing murder shot brought out another side of her that no one expect. Nell and allen are presented with another obstacle in the way of them being happy in the form of her father.

Can't Stop the Love of A Boss 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - Nikki’s actions have just opened the Pandora’s box of all the family secrets and lies. Is nikki really to blame for all the things she has done, how will nell feel? will nell be able to let go of the fact that she was attacked by allen’s former bed buddy or will Nell run from the love of a boss once again to avoid any further hurt?There is no question that Murder is determined to love Law Baby through her pain and be there every step of the way during her recovery, or are Nikki actions karma coming back for the elders in the family?Allen feels responsible for Nell being hurt even though Allen knows he can’t control someone else’s actions; however, but will she allow him to? Law Baby would rather Murder to leave now than later and save herself from the misery.

However, murder is going to school law Baby on how “She Can’t Stop the Love of A Boss 2”. The lives of all parties have been rocked to the core by scorned women looking for the love of a boss.

Can't Stop the Love of A Boss

Leo Sullivan Presents - Never one to force what isn’t meant to be, Lawrynn has no problem walking away from a relationship that just wasn’t in the cards. Never speaking unless a point had to be made, everything he said and did had a rhyme and reason behind it. Even though pain can have his pick of the litter when it comes to women, he still decides to bite the forbidden fruit by crossing the line with Lawrynn’s cousin Nikki.

Maurice “murder” jackson is a boss in his own right and carried himself as such. There is an unspoken code that men and women are supposed to follow:Men: Bros before HoesWomen: Sisters before MistersIs there ever a reason why anyone should go against the grain in the name of love?Lawrynn is the epitome of a good girl; brains, beauty, and a banging body.

Can't Stop the Love of A Boss - The only problem is that her heart led her to the wrong man. The ladies will find out that no matter how hard you try, you Can’t Stop The Love Of A Boss. Pain is the man on the street with women at his disposal. Murder had warned pain about his philandering ways in the streets and the risk of losing his girl to a real man, but what happens when that real man is none other than Murder himself?What happens when lines of The G Code are crossed? One thing is for sure, the same thing that makes you laugh will definitely make you cry.

The total package.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - Afraid to fall in love, he continues to revert to his doggish ways until it lands him in a position he never saw coming. Everyone has one thing in common—they’re searching for love, even if they believe otherwise. With savior shot and his life hanging in the balance, will karti realize that she has more feelings for him than she thought, or will Mink sneak in and steal her heart?Mink isn’t the relationship type, and he’s sure to let every woman that he encounters know it.

Unfortunately, while on his warpath, he’s hit with an unexpected distraction that could hinder the process and do more harm than good. When sova and diva are taken, Supreme must act fast to save two of the three most important women in his life. However, oma, when he takes a chance on one of his regulars, he quickly realizes that once feelings become involved, they’re hard to control.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2 - Will he allow it to ruin his blossoming love with sova, or will he see through the smoke and mirrors?Kartier is torn between two men; one who is unlike any man she’s dealt with, and another who she has no business dealing with but can’t seem to help herself. However, and disloyalty are thrown into the mix, deceit, once lies, they may cheat themselves out of the best love they could ever have.

Snatched Up By A Bad Boy 2

Royalty Publishing House - After going back to the man that she was to marry, Brynlee finds herself having to face something she never thought she would ever go through. Now totally sunken into a dark place, everyone wonders will she be able to pull herself out of it, especially with help from a man that was only trying to help her blossom in the first place.

. Dive into this finale to see if brynlee gets snatched up once and for all by bad boy Sawyer, or if she settles and accepts Troy’s infidelities and puts her happiness to the side just to be with someone she has history with.

Loving The Connect Of Philly 2: The Black Brothers

Tynessa Presents - Will hard times be able to bring back together what was once lost due to bitter people, lies and jealousy?Chasity’s life got turned upside down when she was hauled off in the back of the police car in front of her son. Will majesty and chasity get there happy ever after, or will rico make good on his promise and erase Chasity from everyone lives?In Loving the Connect of Philly 2, the Black brothers will take you on a ride as they try to stir themselves and their loved ones out the chaos that has erupted in everyone’s lives.

He would rather see chasity behind bars for the rest of her life than in the arms of another man. The last thing she expected to find out is that the man who had came into her world, knocking down every wall she’d built around her heart, to come with more chaos than she could imagine. Rico refuses to let chasity, who he feels belong to him and him only, be happy with Majesty.

Will pharaoh be able to prove to his woman that he could be the man she wants, but with the nightmare that King is living and wishes he could wake up from, along with running his family’s empire, let alone become the one he would have to depend on, or will his lies be the deal breaker in his relationship with Reign?Tempest never planned to reunite with her first love, Tempest had no problem with putting their differences aside to be there for him.

Loving The Connect Of Philly 2: The Black Brothers - Will love be able to pull them through or will lies, secrets and false sense of loyalty be everyone’s downfall? . Majesty and rico are two men that want the same woman, and neither should be underestimated on how far they would go to have her. Pharaoh has done a great job with hiding the underworld life he lives from Reign, but now with his truth exposed to her, he finds himself in a fight that he may not be able to win.

Chaos has always seemed to follow Reign, and that’s why she did everything in her power to avoid it.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Supreme Boss has sworn off love. Will these two broken hearts find love in each other, or will their pasts keep them from the best love they could ever have? After wasting her best years on men who couldn’t see her worth, she decides to focus on herself while enjoying the single life. After witnessing his fiancée’s death and being left alone to raise his daughter, falling in love again is the last thing on his mind.

That is until unusual circumstances place the alluring Supreme into her world and leaves her wondering if love isn't so bad after all. They say when someone isn’t looking for love, that is exactly when they find it. However, when a total stranger risks her life to help him, he finds himself enthralled with the beauty who swooped in to save the day.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love - Sova blow is fed up with love.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl: A Crazy Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - However; zahra and her sister can’t stand one another but when she needs kalila’s help, will the animosity they have towards one another stand in the way? Kruz Garcia is every woman’s fantasy and even though he’s a savage in the streets, no one could take him away from the love of his life, Zahra.

Will the love he once had for her outweigh the damage she’s gonna cause, or will he show her his savage ways once the truth comes out? Rhythm mitchell is a single mom who works, comes home and spends time with her son. This woman had him feeling things Zahra didn’t, and that became a problem for his ex, who now wanted to do destroy his happiness.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl: A Crazy Hood Love - Unfortunately; she assumed the hold on his heart would never be broken and she was correct until one woman stepped in by accident and turned his world upside down. She’s the only woman who can make him weak, and she knows it. Her last boyfriend, hurt her bad, so she swore off men and had no problem being alone.

She stays away from drama unless necessary and her worst enemy is her best friends sister. Zahra feels like rhythm has been around too long, which interfered with bonding moments with her sister.

Rescued by the Love of A Real One 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - Nichelle begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself and how she lives her life. Once he and michelle established the relationship that Ty never expected to want, his past comes back, causing chaos and strife. An unexpected meeting with someone makes Kylan think that moving on may be easier than he thought.

Ty never expected to fall in love with the person who saved him the night he was shot; however, one can never stop fate. His reputation as the calm brother quickly goes out the window as he attempts to move on from his unfaithful wife. Ty and michelle both are blindsided by the danger lurking around them and threatening their well-being, all in the name of love.

Michelle takes her role as the woman in Ty’s life, but unbeknownst to Michelle, the father of her child still has some unresolved feelings toward her. Nichelle’s life is a smoke screen and mirrors, letting others believe that she is happy with her single status, and she is not afraid to show it in a loud and proud manner just as she always has.

Rescued by the Love of A Real One 2 - Tonette knows she is wrong for being unfaithful; she acknowledges the error of her ways, but she refuses to let Kylan go. Kylan is not only fighting for his sanity to remain intact; he is still looking for the people or persons who attempted to kill his brother. Kylan was crushed to find out that his wife had been having an affair behind his back.

Nichelle is happy for her sister’s happiness, but not happy with herself.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 3

Supreme Works Publications - Will they make it out alive or will the love that they have for one another be proven by the ultimate sacrifice? It seems as if Adoreé just can’t catch a break. Ziva is on a warpath and anyone with the Maler name is in her sights. Nothing is ever what it seems when envy is in play, and no one can be trusted.

While the rest of the family are at the restaurant sorting out family secrets, Kahleno and Sutton’s lives hang in the balance. This last bomb is enough to push him over the edge and Icelynn may be the only person to help him through his madness, but the way he left her hanging put a bad taste in her mouth.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 3 - Lines are crossed and truths are revealed in the third installment of this jaw dropping hood love story. After revealing that adoreé Maler was born from her womb, she has hopes of rekindling what she felt she lost. Every time he turns around it’s like something else is standing in the way of his sanity.

When things don’t go exactly how she wants them, things heat up real fast and Siya is at the center of her rage. Will she be able to put her pride to the side and bear his demons or will she be consumed by demons of her own. At the end of part two all hell broke loose in the lives of the Maler family.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl 2: A Crazy Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - He was the piece to her puzzle and the perfect match in her eyes. His mother is still on board with his ex for some reason. Rhythm found the true love she’s been waiting for. Kandy doesn’t want to see him happy and has done any and everything to make him fail. They moved forward after the storm Zahra brought but is it over?Kruz has a lot to deal with now that his relationship seems to be on track.

Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong, and Sasha is caught in the middle. However; the perfect relationship came with problems stemming from Kruz’s past. Will the truth ever come out on why she’s riding hard for Zahra or will it remain hidden?Kalila and Jamaica are riding high in their relationship, or so they thought.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl 2: A Crazy Hood Love - Someone gets caught in the crossfire and not sure if the person will survive Jamaica and Kruz go harder than ever to find the person in charge. When nothing works, she goes about it a different way, and all hell breaks loose in the last place anyone expects.