Caicos Conspiracy

Shutterplank Publishing LLC - Fed by valentine's multi-plotted intrigue, leads us from Florida, through the Bahamas, to the Turks and Caicos. As tournament time approaches, Seth faces a totally unexpected foe. Non-stop action. Seth stone helps his old friend, as they try to turn the tables on a stacked deck. Lights out in Providenciales!

But take a deep breath. Winner-2016 beverly hills book awards-best action/adventure novelwinner-2017 Indie Excellence Book Awards-1st place-Crime FictionA tropical mystery adventure packed with big-game fishing, political corruption, organized crime, sex, and rock-n-roll.

Costa Rican Reprise

Shutterplank Publishing LLC - The author has crafted an action-packed and suspenseful story combining robbery on the high seas, drug running, murder, and relentless retribution from the Tampa Mafia . All set in tropical Florida and the Caribbean. He writes novels that appeal to sportsman/adventurers and crime fiction fans everywhere.

Finalist - 2016 national indie excellence awards - crime fictionfinalist - 2016 next generation Indie Book Awards - ACTION/ADVENTUREAward winning author, William Valentine has fished and hunted in exotic locations all over the world.

Cuban Charade

Shutterplank Publishing LLC - Great fiction and faction by an author that has been there,. Finalist- 2018-indie excellence national Book Awards in two genres: Crime Fiction and Action/Adventure. Seth stone and the "geezers" spring into action when an old fishing buddy is wrongly imprisoned in Cuba. They cut short a sail fishing trip in Key West and slip into Cuba using their own boats and ingenuity to try and right that wrong.

Cuban charade provides a rare look behind the facade of "Old Havana" and the Hemingway mystique and bares the harsh realities of communist Cuba. The author's wry wit and the non-stop, multiple plot action make this novel hard to put down. Old friends in high places supply off the record Intel and weapons to these resourceful old codgers.

Salt Creek Justice

Shutterplank Publishing LLC - Salt creek justice is an action packed crime caper on the high seas; it has a great plot, well defined characters, a little romance, and a surprise ending. Winner 2014 next generation indie book award in the REGIONAL FICTION category. Winner 2014 national indie excellence Award in the CRIME FICTION category.

Indie book of the day,  may 13th, 2014. Salt creek justice's award-winning author, William Valentine, has fished and hunted in exotic locations all over the world. There's also some solid fishing and boat-handling narrative throughout. William has crafted a suspense story combining survival skills, murder, robbery, the mafia, a major Billfish Tournament, undying brotherly love, and big money.

Salt Creek Justice - Crisply written, the author blends in bits of local knowledge and history, with a wry wit, as the story winds its way down through the tropics. He has written a novel that will appeal to sportsman/adventurers everywhere. So, thru the panama canal, join this rollicking boat ride from Florida, across the Caribbean, down the Bahamas, and finally to verdant Costa Rica.

A Young Fisherman's Dream Come True

william c. harrison - Harrison structures his memoir by focusing on specific days in his life and the events that made that day especially memorable. Big fish, beautiful women, and blue water are all Harrison needs to be happy with the world. He shares his stories of making great friendships and guiding these friends to all kinds of fish.

Even in elementary school, future captain Bill Harrison would help out on the local fishing boats. The result of his endeavor is a series of vignettes that perfectly capture the mood and tone of life of traveling hundreds of islands and catching big fish. Harrison’s memoir is filled with the serenity he found out on the open ocean.

A Young Fisherman's Dream Come True - Looking back later in life, he can say with certainty that he has never regretted his choice. He knew from a young age that he wanted to spend his career at sea. Harrison also shares anecdotes about respected captains and rascally crew members that are a part of all charter boat fishing docks.