A Tempting Proposal The Fortune Brothers Book 1

ILORI Press Books - Soon james and ava find themselves trying to outwit each other in a sensual game of cat and mouse. Until one of them is forced to surrender…. However, ava hughes, his new bride, is also not who she seems. Straight-laced businessman, James Fortune, always does the right thing. So when his reckless twin brother, jackson, gets cold feet the day of his wedding, James decides to pretend to be the groom to protect his family’s name and honor, until his brother comes to his senses.

A Seductive Arrangement The Fortune Brothers Book 2

ILORI Press Books - He quickly offers Toyin a special arrangement. One too irresistible to resist…A fun novel for readers who first met Jackson in "A Tempting Proposal". But when her nosy sister discovers the truth and posts it online, Toyin rushes to warn him. In danger of losing his position in the family business because of his reckless ways, Jackson can’t afford a scandal.

Flashy playboy Jackson Fortune never expected to wake up with a wife. But when she arrives at his apartment one morning he can’t ignore her. Toyin jacobs planned to quietly annul her secret Vegas wedding to Jackson.

Candy's Corporate Crush The Blackstone Family Book 4

- But can having it all cost you everything you have?the Blackstone Series:Book 1 - Evenings With Bryson Bryson & KalinaBook 2 - Leaving Barringer Barringer & CalistaBook 2. 5 - forever us: barringer and calista follow-up to barringer & CalistaBook 3 - The Things Everson Lost Everson & JuneBook 4 - Candy's Corporate Crush Candice & Kurt .

Her secret, long-distance relationship with him keeps her free from her extremely overprotective brothers, but Kurt is no longer willing to be in the shadows. Candice has her reasons for not telling her family about him. She doesn’t want to hear their constant judgments about her life and her decisions.

And the biggest reason of all – kurt works for a rival company who wants to buy her father’s company, Blackstone Financial Services Group. The constant drama proves to be too much for her but only gets worse when she’s blackmailed into having dinner with her ex in order to save her father’s company from dissolution.

Candy's Corporate Crush The Blackstone Family Book 4 - A secret marriage, four overprotective brothers and an ex who needs closure equals a woman who needs a break from all the drama. A past relationship kept her from wanting to love again, but Candice has found her ONE – Kurt Hempstead. She wants love, she wants her father’s business to thrive and she wants her family to be happy.

Princess of Estoria Royal Brides Book 2

Garden Avenue Press - The playboy prince has set his sights on Angela, and neither the vastness of the ocean nor the distance of continents will keep him away. But their attraction is too strong to resist, and soon she’s convinced that an international fling couldn’t possibly hurt…could it?Prince Andres is incapable of taking no for an answer.

Can their relationship work? Or are they better off apart? Not with a demanding career that takes all of her time and vivid memories of the pain caused by a broken heart. But when reality steps in, he’s forced to make a tough decision. Angela lipscomb is flattered when Prince Andres of Estoria expresses interest in her, but she’s not looking for love.

Love Heals: Lloyd and Madison True Love Book 3

- Adapting to her new environment was easy with the friends that embraced her for better or worse. Madison clark, the feisty, high-profile divorce attorney, chose a new life in Virginia Shattered Heart. Just when she started to settle down and her life began to normalize, the past she thought she had left in New York was now knocking at her door.

Transitioning his life after his divorce, Lloyd Jones made the ultimate pledge: no more serious relationships. A “love ‘em and leave ’em” kind of man was his goal - that was until the feisty Madison Clark walked into his life and wiggled her way into his heart, unexpectedly killing any vows he had made to himself.

A Lesson On Love Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 3

Amaris Publishing LLC - When tragedy strikes, rayne is ready to give up, but it’s Jerry who keeps her afloat. But the curvaceous beauty doesn’t fall for his charm. He's unapologetically drawn to full-figured women. Soft women. With all the beauties in the world, he has no intention of settling down with just one. Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Jerry Jenkins is a player. At least that’s what she tells herself. Barely survived. If there’s one lesson single mom Rayne learned over the years, it’s to avoid players. She has one focus—raising her daughter, but there’s something so magnetic about Jerry. Still, she's the only woman who has him willing to shred his bachelor’s card.

A Lesson On Love Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 3 - Been there, done that. Rayne agrees to be friends, but nothing more. He loves women. Not until Rayne Ellison moves in next door. Curvy women. He breaks down her defenses and, in the process, gives her a lesson on love.

Magnus A St. Claire Novel Book 5

- A child. Just a baby. I should run. Run for the hills. He wants to leave behind a legacy. He’s never been one to take no for an answer, and he definitely won’t in my case. Magnus St. No strings. The old-fashioned way. You do not have to read them in any particular order. Book 1 - royal royal and gemmabook 2 - ramsey ramsey and giannabook 3 - romulus romulus and SiderraBook 4 - REGAL Regal and FelicityBook 5 - MAGNUS Magnus and Shiloh.

Claire novels are all standalone books about the St. Claire is one of the most handsome men I’ve seen. He’s handsome, but a complicated mess. Rich, but the billions don’t mean a thing. He’s broken, but he hides it well. In need, but not for anything money can buy. He makes me an offer – one I refuse to his chagrin.

Magnus A St. Claire Novel Book 5 - No nothing. No love. But he has something I need, and it’s not money. Magnus is a heartwarming, edge-of-your-seat suspense about loss and grief and how two broken people found their way with love. The St.

Awaken Me The Holmes Brothers Book 6

Wandering Road Press - But what happens when her harmless workplace crush awakens feelings that aren’t so innocent? As the baby of his family, Reid Holmes has happily played the role of the Charming, Irresponsible One. When her father is forced to close the family’s longtime handyman business, Brooklyn LeBlanc sees her chance to break free of the job she’s been stuck in since age 15 and finally pursue her dream of writing comics.

Now he has the chance to shed his carefree playboy image and go into business for himself, but is leaving his cousin’s construction company a sign of growing up, or the ultimate show of disloyalty? And with the arrival of Holmes Construction’s gorgeous new site coordinator, Reid isn’t sure now is the best time to jump ship.

Awaken Me The Holmes Brothers Book 6 - But as his 30th birthday approaches, Reid wonders whether he should be doing more with his life than working as a plumber for Holmes Construction. At least her new job at Holmes Construction comes with a hot plumber she can spend the day fantasizing about. But responsibilities—and her secret role in the demise of her family’s business—forces Brooklyn to again put the career she truly desires on the back burner.

All I Want: A Beaumont Novella The Beaumonts Book 11

Caramel Kisses Ink - However, danger moves in closer until he's in a race against time to save the woman he loves. Praise for novels of angie Daniels“Waiting to see what happens will have readers glued to the pages. 4. 5-stars, rt book reviews on for you i do“drama…drama…and more drama!” –RAWSISTAZ Review for Trouble Loves Company“…masterfully weaves several captivating storylines together to create this complicated, but alluring tale.

Romance in color on Seduced into Submission. They have everything they could ever want—an adorable son, wonderful careers, and explosive chemistry that hasn’t diminished over the years. Childhood sweethearts Jace and Sheyna Beaumont have been married twelve years. As her fears escalates, Jace will stop at nothing to find out who’s stalking his wife.

All I Want: A Beaumont Novella The Beaumonts Book 11 - In fact, she’s certain someone is watching her. When sheyna is attacked in a parking lot, at first they think it’s an isolated incident, but now she’s not so sure.

His By Spring: A Champion Sister Novel The Champion Brothers Book 6

- Problems work themselves out and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Tennyson, is so intent on presenting himself as perfect, however, she has a difficult time finding out what that something is. Tennyson is working on a case for a recent acquisition by The Champion Corporation, but a force completely out of his control diverts his focus to Zoya – a woman who’s caught more than just his eyes.

But there’s something about ‘this’ man that resonates with her. Her attraction to him comes as a shock since she usually doesn’t give men the time of day. She’s borderline capturing his heart. How can that be when they hardly know each other?But that’s the thing about love: it just happens, and when one soul drifts towards the other – towards its mate – the unusual becomes possible.

His By Spring: A Champion Sister Novel The Champion Brothers Book 6 - Distance is no longer an obstacle. Love fills everything else in between. Book 1 - his paradise wife - dante and emilybook 2 - when a champion wants you - dimitrius and melaniebook 3 - the best thing He Never Knew He Needed - Desmond and SheritaBook 4 - Wives and Champions A Family NovelBook 5 - The Way Champions Love - Harding and SavannahBook 6 - His By Spring - Zoya and Tennyson.

A story of unexpected love that blossoms at the right time…when zoya champion takes a few weeks off work to help her pregnant sister-in-law prepare for the baby’s arrival, she never expects that life would throw her a surprise in the form of a tall, Tennyson Tillman, ultra-sexy man, a lawyer for The Champion Corporation.

Proposal for Love Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 2

Amaris Publishing LLC - But why does his heart still beat double-time whenever she’s near?Liberty Stewart has been living a lie. Too bad he hates her. He can’t forget. Liberty knows she did nate wrong, and getting him to trust her again might be impossible, but neither of them can deny the attraction that still runs deep. Is the burning passion they share enough to get their troubled hearts to finally beat as one? Or is the hurt too deep for a happily ever after?Proposal for Love is book 2 in the Jenkins & Sons Construction series.

He won’t forgive. Masking her shredded self-esteem and trying to overcome the emotional torment inflicted by her abusive ex-husband, she’s ready to rebuild her life. Nathaniel jenkins-moore never allows romantic entanglements to get in the way of running Jenkins & Sons Construction. But just when she thinks she’s on track, her current assignment brings her face to face with the only man she’s ever truly loved—Nate.

Proposal for Love Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 2 - She wants to leave the past in the past, and though Nate knows a thing or two about rebuilding strong foundations, her betrayal still haunts him. She can’t be trusted. That is until the woman who ripped out his heart crashes back into his life.